General Specfications

General specifications of the project:

The project is located on an area of 8122 square meters at Shahid Farahzadi Street, one hundred meters over head the Eyvanak three-way junction, right hand on the south-to-north direction.



The indicators of the project at a glance:

• The nature of the hospital: Multidisciplinary
• Total area of the project: over 190,000 square meters
• Ground and first class: 10951 square meters
• 26 floors of therapeutic and clinics, 9 floors of parking
• Number of emergency beds: 23 beds
• Public spaces and parking lots: 60500 square meters
• Hospital facilities: 17116 square meters
• Diagnostic and therapeutic spaces: 72590 square meters
• Elevators and stairs: 8852 square meters
• Specialized clinics: 37188 square meters
• Welfare spaces: 11,127 square meters
• 25 floors on the ground floor and a helicopter floor
• Floors below the ground: 7 floors
• Number of elevators: 56


Structural characteristics of the project:

The skeleton of this project is designed from a metal skeleton of approximately 28000 tons with bolts and nuts connectors (tc bolt). Friction dampers (tuned mass damper) will be used in this project due to the sensitivity of the type of structure during the behavior of the structure at the time of earthquake.
In order to execute this project, in line with the demand for parking, 1500 parking lots have been designed in 7 floors below the ground in accordance with the Commission's Article 5 of the municipality of Tehran. Considering the number of floors, parking lots will be dug about 40 meters from the average level of Shahid Farahzadi Street; piles at the height of 50 meters will be used in order to stabilize the complex on the south side and simultaneous nailing and anchorage operations are used to implement the supporting structures on the other sides of the project.

35 operating rooms were used in the design of this hospital; the floors have different sections including neonates, women, heart, internal, urology, neurology, and other sections as well as paraclinical sections to provide appropriate services to the patients.

Elevators are embedded to provide access from the parking to the clinic floors; besides a number of elevators will be established for providing access from the ground floor to the 17th floor’s lobby and access to higher floors. In total, the building is designed with nine parking floors, two of which have therapeutic use, sixteen floors for hospital and sections spaces, and nine floors for different clinics from the 17th floor. Meanwhile, a helipad is designed on the building, which is directly linked to the emergency section by an elevator for emergency patients. Also, two doors are considered for the emergency section at Shahid Farahzadi and the emergency door for emergency patients at the seventh deadlock of Shahid Sayyaf Street.