Colleagues network

همکاران پروژه


  • Consulting Engineers Group 4

    Consulting Engineers of Group 4 as Project Engineers of the Project, since 2012, are carrying out project design, architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical projects.


  • Geo Mohit Pars Company

    Geo Mohit Pars Company with the representative of Pars Dr. Fakhariyan as an excellent consultant on the design of the guard structures and drainage structures and the operation of piles in the project have been operating in the project, which were dismantled at the end of 1394 and completed.

  • Baspar Pey Iranian Company

    This company is the contractor of EPC Guardian Structures in the project and contractor of the EPC drainage system project, which completed the operation in 1394.

  • Payasazeh Pasargad Company

    The company, which participated in the tender for the first phase and the second phase of the project, including the implementation of the foundation construction, the retaining walls, the installation of metal skeleton and the implementation of the ceilings in the negative floors, and in the second phase, the implementation of the metal skeleton and composite ceilings and steel deck in the positive classes It is currently executing operations.


  • Aransanj Company

    One of the most famous companies in the field of construction and installation of metal sketches, which is known as a contractor for the construction of a metal skeleton project of approximately 34 thousand tons in 1394 and is currently in business.


  • Behsara Company

    By the end of 1396, the company won the tender for the implementation of electric, mechanical, hardwired and carving works of approximately 65,000 square meters and is currently operating.


  • Techinco Company

    Techinco engineering company is one of the leading companies in the field of welding, welding processes, bolts and nuts and metal skeletons in Iran. From the beginning of the contracts of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the metal structure, the factors of this company under Dr. Shirazi's interior in the metal skeleton manufacturing workshop It works in the project.


  • Tehran Geotechnic Company

    Tehran Geotechnic Company is one of the first consulting companies in the field of soil and concrete tests, asphalt and in general building materials. At the same time, with the implementation of the project from 1394, the consulting engineers have signed up for the materials to the workshop and now Also works in the workshop.


  • Iranpich Manufacturing Company

    The company is active in the production of industrial bolts and nuts in Iran and is one of the best companies in this field. After winning the tender, the company required the bolts and nuts of the project in different sizes, along with electric winches and skid moor And is currently serving the project.


  • Behsazan Toseeh Arman Company (BETA)

    The company is one of the well-known companies in the field of fireproofing operations in Iran. At the end of 1396 in a tender, the company was awarded as a contractor for the implementation of fireproofing insulators and is currently in business.


  • Atrya Imenkar Company

    The company is the firefighting consultant of the project that has been announced as a winner in a tender launched since the beginning of 1397 and will now conduct a map review and follow up on the project's firefighting advisor.


  • Kashaneh Sazan Oj Consulting Engineering Company

    The company is an overseer of the project engineering organization, and from the time of the contract it monitors the operation of the project in the framework of the rules of the engineering organization.


  • Paya Imen Fartak Company

    Advisor on HSE (Safety, Conservation and Environmental Health) who have been involved with the project since the year 1395 and have excellent oversight on the safety issues of contractors present on the site.


  • Energy Consulting Engineers Company

    The company is one of the oldest companies in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering, and in these sectors, Electric and Mechanical have reviewed the design of Group 4 as an excellent consultant for the Client.


  • Khalaghan Eshel Bartar Company

    The company acts as the executive of the engineering organization in the project and follows the project's operations with the rules of the engineering organization.


  • The late Mr. Bahman Haghighi

    One of the professors and consultants in the field of structural design, which collaborated on this project as an excellent consultant on the design of structures with the employer and the project management office and the group's consultant. One of the most delightful works of this kind is the design of the Milad Tower, the construction of the Parsian Parsian Commercial Tower in the West Bank, and several large projects in Isfahan and abroad.


  • Dr. Shirazi

    One of the well-known professors in the field of welding inspection and installation of metal sketches that have been collaborating with this collection since the beginning of the Welding Operations Project and the process of building and installing a metal skeleton as a consultant to the employer.


  • Ofogh Gostar Sazandegi Company

    The company is currently working with the project as the project's traffic consultant and its task is to track traffic accidents from building a hospital in the West Bank.


  • Niroo Consulting Engineering Company

    The company is involved in the implementation of the 63 kW power supply system in the West Bank, which is currently active in the project.


Other colleagues:

Medsa Consulting Engineering Company
The company with representative of Dr. Majd Abadi as adviser to the HSE Client from the beginning of the project until 1395 with a significant collaboration.

Paya Khak Consulting Engineering Company
The company has worked as a quality control consultant for concreting operations and materials for the workshop.

Vindavar Company
The company was involved with the project at the beginning of the project with the implementation of the Guardian structure responsible for the implementation of the GCL insulation and geomembrane and geotextile with Mark Nao from Germany.

Ostovar Niroo Company
The contractor was building a Post Compact and examining the project's building systems.

Behsaz Andishan Company
According to our consultant's design of the use of dampers (friction damper), this company is the representative of Dantecak company in Denmark and as a dealer and installer of dampers in the project are currently operating.