November 2023 News

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November 2023 News

November 2023 News

floor -5:
Painting the parking lot floor markings
False ceiling chassis
  Sprinkler installation
  Installation of detectors

floor -4:
Sprinkler installation
  Detector installation
2- Floor:
Implementation of sewer pipes

1st floor
Running the cooling system pipelines on the supports
Construction of expansion source chassis
Installation of heating system flange and gasket
Installation of heating system strainer and shock absorber
Installation of heating system valves
Running the heating system pipelines on the supports
Installation of steam system valves
Construction of saddles for water supply system piping
Installation of saddles under the water supply system piping
Full welding of the pipeline of the engine house
Full welding of engine room supports
Installation and full screwing of middle parts
Assembly of soft water system collectors
Galvanization of pipelines

Floor +1:
Construction of channels

Floor +5:
Implementation of leaf plaster of the first layer of the first face of the Kenaf wall
Implementation of the operating room ceiling column
Implementation of laminar flow infrastructure
Implementation of moisture insulation
Floor +7:
Rock wool
Implementation of body ceramics
Plastering of the first layer of the Kenaf wall, the second face of the surrounding wall
Implementation of wiring (lighting system)
Implementation of wiring (pressurized system)
Implementation of fire barriers and smoke barriers
Modifying and completing elements
Implementation of network cabling
Running air channels
Floor +20:
Implementation of network cable
Implementation of ceramic flooring in the corridor
Implementation of ceramic floors for corridor services
Ceramic floor of the elevator lobby corridor
Implementation of false ceiling infrastructure for services
Welding of cylinders to columns
Plaster work
Floor +22:
Plastering the walls of offices
Flooring of offices
Implementation of fire departments
Implementation of galvanized pipe
Implementation of fan coil welding pipe
Channel installation
Implementation of sprinkler
Implementation of galvanized and five layers
Implementation of corridor fan coil
Implementation of insulation of channels
Construction of riser connection channels
Grooving terraces and communal areas
Implementation of sewage piping for offices
Implementation of ceiling electrical pipes of offices
Floor +23:
Chinese wall in the central zone
Rabbits performance
Implementation of the sewer vent
Central zone fire pipe welding
fake work

Implementation of seismic chillers
Transfer of cooling towers to the roof

The physical progress of the whole project is 76.59%.
The hardening operation related to the parking lots, clinic and hospital is being implemented and the overall progress has reached about 61%.
The delicate operations related to the parking lots, the clinic and the hospital are being implemented and the overall progress is approx.
It has reached 44 percent.