December 2023 News

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December 2023 News

December 2023 News

• 6.2 MW power branch connection
• Follow-up to obtain a gas branch drilling permit by the technical and engineering directorate
• Temporary delivery of offices on the 19th floor+
• Temporary delivery of the project view
• Starting the work of the pharmacy
• Entry of roof cooling towers to the workshop
• Notification of escalator contract
• Arrival of two diesel generators in the workshop
• Stick view lighting
• Notification of the contract for the main electrical panels of the motor house
• Advance payment for the purchase of 6 main transformers of the project

Implementation of the plan to strengthen the facade levers of the 26th+ floor
Construction of the composite facade of the 3rd floor
9th floor:
Repair and completion of cement work
Queuing implementation
Implementation of fan coil hoses

1st floor-:
Implementation of insulation of pipes and channels
Modifying and completing the 5-layer pipe
Implementation of the sprinkler pipeline
Implementation of the 2nd wall of Kenaf
Implementation of stone wool
Implementation of the type and putty of the Kenaf wall
Implementation of electric pipe and modification of support
Assembly of sprinkler pipelines

Floor 2+:
Restoration and bonding of ceramics

Floor 6+:
Round execution on the wall of the elevator pit
Implementation of air channels
Implementation of wiring
Implementation of ceramics and ceramic strapping
Terrace insulation test
Sub riser pipeline testing
Implementation of the wall of the elevator pit
Painting the stair railings
Implementation of terrace insulation
Implementation of network cable
Implementation of terrace primer
Implementation of terrace protective mortar
Implementation of galvanized pipeline for pool filler
Digging a rainwater well
Floor 17+:
Implementation of ceramic body of wet space
False ceiling chassis, dry corridor space

Floor 19+:
Installation of doors
Installation of office cornices
Fan coil installation
Implementation of ceiling electric pipe and wiring and central zone electrical panel
Cementing the dry space of the central zone

Floor 21+:
Split duct installation
Implementation of ceramic floor in dry space
Public service cementing
Implementation of ceiling electric pipe
Ceramic implementation of the corridor body
Ceramic implementation of the body of the wet space
Implementation of the sleeping floor
False roof chassis
Floor 24+:
Implementation of wet and dry flooring
Execution of sewer pipe

Construction of exhaust fan channel and installation of exhaust fan
Implementation of the car roof fence

The physical progress of the whole project is 77.44%.
The implementation of facilities related to parking lots, clinic and hospital is being implemented and the overall progress has reached about 58%.
The implementation of mechanical facilities related to parking lots, clinics and hospitals has reached a total progress of 64%.
The implementation of electrical facilities related to parking lots, clinics and hospitals has reached a total progress of 54%.