February, March 2024 News

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February, March 2024 News

February, March 2024 News

• Completion of gas piping, including excavation, restoration and asphalting of the road from the main gas station to the door of the project
• Handing over the electrical panels of the project facade lighting system
• The start of operation of the amphitheater and meeting halls of the hospital on the 1st floor
• Purchase of 10 water booster pumps and delivery of 2 of them
• The start of the construction of all the low pressure panels of the engine room and the completion of its engineering process
• Entry of all engine room steam valves and chiller system electric valves
• Installation of compression chillers and roof cooling towers (entry of all its collectors)
• The beginning of the execution of the beds
• Continue the construction of project air conditioners
• Completion of the construction of all phase III elevators (28 machines)
• Start of construction operations on the 9th floor (air conditioning rooms)
• Entry of all extinguishing and fire alarm items, including all fire pumps
• Planning to collect a 25-ton tower crane interfering with the facade and part of the structure

floor 3-:
Making saddles for condensation source piping
Installation of condensate source pipeline valves

1st floor-:
Implementation of stone wool on the inner wall
Implementation of the infrastructure of the Kenaf wall risers
Implementation of leaf plaster on the second side of the perimeter wall
Implementation of pipes and cans, switches and sockets

Floor 6+:
Implementation of moisture insulation

Floor 17+:
Installation of electric pipe on the wall of dry space

Floor 21+:
Implementation of wiring operations of offices
Implementation of ceramic floors in offices
Implementation of ceramic floor of public services
Plastering the walls of offices
Implementation of ceramics for the body of the wet area of the offices
Installation of fan coils in corridors

Floor 22+:
Implementation of electrical trays in corridors
Implementation of ceramic body corridors
Implementation of hot and cold water piping (galvanized) in the central zone
Cementing the wall of public services
Cementing the walls of wet areas of offices

Floor 23+:
Implementation of sprinkler piping for offices
Installing sprinklers in offices
Implementation of hot and cold water piping (5 layers) for offices
Implementation of fan coil piping in corridors
Implementation of firebox piping in corridors

The physical progress of the whole project is 78.01%.
The implementation of facilities related to parking lots, clinic and hospital is being implemented and the overall progress has reached about 60%.
The implementation of mechanical facilities related to parking lots, clinics and hospitals has reached a total progress of 64%.
The implementation of electrical facilities related to parking lots, clinics and hospitals has reached a total progress of 56%.