April 2024 News

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April 2024 News

April 2024 News

The most important news:
• Completion of gas piping, including excavation, restoration and asphalting of the road from the main gas station to the door of the project
• Handing over the electrical panels of the project facade lighting system
• The start of operation of the amphitheater and meeting halls of the hospital on the 1st floor
• Starting the construction of 10 water booster pumps and handing over 2 next month
• Continuing the construction of all the low pressure panels of the engine room and completing its engineering process
• Completing the delivery of the first part of the sound insulation of air-conditioned rooms
• Purchase and transportation of all cooling system faucets (to install cooling towers)
• Continue installing compression chillers and roof cooling towers (introduction of all its collectors)
• The beginning of the implementation of the bed floors (including floors 10-11 and 13)
• Continue the construction of project air conditioners
• Completing the construction of all phase III elevators (28 machines) and transporting them to the project
• Start of construction operations (buildings and facilities) on the 9th floor (air conditioning rooms)
• Planning to install fire pumps
• Planning to collect a 25-ton tower crane interfering with the facade and part of the structure
• Making the preparations for testing the transformers of the project and handing it over next month
• Completion of executive operations of 19+ and 20+ floors and partial operations to eliminate defects
• Completing the implementation and delivery of the screening clinic on the 18+ floor
• Planning to set up fire alarm and extinguishing systems in the doctors' building by the end of this year
• Visiting the process of building and delivering the ground floor escalator
• Continue to complete the engine room with the priority of electrical operations
• Start of execution operations for the completion of the 6th+ floor (parking)

2nd Floor-:
Execution of sewer pipes (area no. 1) floor-1
Making saddles for condensation source piping
Construction of condensate source water supply collector
Installation of condensate source pipeline valves
Installation of heating system valves
Installation of steam system valves
Installation of steam system flange and gasket
Implementation of resin and epoxy engine room floor
Implementation of soft water system pipelines on supports
Construction of soft water knee system

1st floor-:
Full weld sprinkler pipeline

 Floor 3+:
Implementation of service wall ceramics in the eastern zone

 Floor 7+:
Modification of ceiling columns

Implementation of the wall panel of the elevator shaft en4

 Floor 10+:
Implementation of Kargiri on the south side

 Floor 19+:
Repair and completion of installed doors

 Floor 20+:
Installation of switches and sockets and office lights
Installation of lights, switches, sockets and channel valves for corridor services
Implementation of corridor power pipe
Fan coil installation
Installation of public service doors

Floor 24+:
Implementation of office flooring operations
Installation of post office walls
Plastering of office walls
Implementation of the connection of Art

Floor 25+:
Installation of post office walls
Implementation of wall concrete offices
Implementation of office flooring operations
Welding Mesh and Rabbits

Implementation of the column of the pool wall

The physical progress of the whole project is 78.08%.
The hardening operation related to the parking lots, clinic and hospital is being implemented and the overall progress has reached about 65%.
The delicate operations related to the parking lots, the clinic and the hospital are being implemented and the overall progress is approx. It has reached 48%.